About us

Ewoud Soenen

Ewoud Soenen, born and raised in Ghent( Belgium), specialises in decorative limestone techniques.

He trained as a plasterer through the company Nomag n.v., where he worked for the architect Stefaan Boens for a number of years.

The passion for colours and the desire to master more sophisticated techniques led to the birth of his own business, where the key words vision-action-passion, still apply.

Nikelaur( designwalls with a vision) is the result as well the combination of years of research and the urge for originality, and what started as a stucco lustro has now grown into a range of 6 exclusive fineplaster with pigment textures.

Ewoud worked for Bernard De Clercq, Marie José Van Hee,was the founder of stucco lustro in Café Théatre in Ghent,worked for Artes Woudenberg and took part in numerous restoration  and decorationprojects for both private inviduals (+ SMEs) and large established companies.